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KIZUNA Program
One Thousand Paper Cranes makes our Wish and KIZUNA

JCI Tachikawa held during the academy, with participants “paper cranes” production.

This project will play Japan's tradition of “Origami” foreign culture, you are direct participants in the easiest way to get a chance to touch. In addition, there are the old “break the paper cranes that wish come true” and tradition. The Academy of all you have to stay connected, JCI is based on mutual understanding pledged to strive for the realization of world peace and want to chance it.

Academy held during the seminar halls and “Paper Cranes Factory”(origami corner) to requalify. Domestic and overseas participants from the Academy, the members of JCI Japan , volunteer interpreter, host family and and Tachikawa Junior Chamber members, as many people as possible, making paper cranes to communicate to each other through scale, triggered strengthen ties I think if you can. But one good one. We hope you for your cooperation.

Later, Akihiro Hata, the president of JCI Tachikawa, and the members of the JCI Japan with the completion of paper cranes have to go to the United Nations headquarters in New York, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to visit, we feel as delivery.


We publish "DAILY KIZUNA" to tell about the event in the international academy every day during a period. Look by all means.

July 18, Evening Edition

  • From Tachikawa to Yokohama
  • Last Seminar
  • 2008 JCI President Seminar
  • Graduation Ceremony


July 18

  • KIZUNA Program 3
  • Module 7, Our Comittment/Presentation
  • Module 8, My Plan
  • Fareell Party
  • The One Thousand Origami Cranes


July 17

  • KIZUNA Program 2
  • Module 5, Leader‘s Nature
  • Module 6, The JCI Possibility
  • Morning Session : Zen experience
  • Today’s words:Hyper Rescue


July 16

  • Food culture experience
  • Module 1, Grand rule
  • Module 2, Clearing Expectation
  • Praying for success in Okunitama Shrine
  • Today’s words:Showa Kinen Park


July 15

  • Oversea delegates reunite
  • Grand opening
  • Welcome party in Tokyo Prince Hotel
  • Today’s words:Tachikawa city


July 14

  • Academy began
  • KIZUNA Program 1, the delegates enjoyed with children
  • Host family matching
  • Home stay —where did you go?
  • The domestic delegates gather one after another, too
  • Today’s words:A way of the prayer in the Shinto shrine


July 12

  • Tachikawa is with overseas delegates one after another
  • 1000 paper cranes makes our wish and KIZUNA
  • Today’s words:Origami


Apr. 20, May 17 and Jun. 15—Hold a brief meeting for volunteers

We held a brief meeting about Junior Chamber and International Academy showing previous movie and explanation at Tachikawa Aim. There were some questions about the home stay, were answered from experienced families.

Apr. 10—Visited the minister of foreign affair Mr.Komura

We have visited the welcome party with attendance of Mr. Masahiko Komura, the minister of foreign affair with Japan Junior Chamber member and Mr. Hata, the JCI board chairperson.

Tachikawa city

Kunitachi city

Musashimurayama city

Tokyo Metropolitan Department


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